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Build your retirement assets without the principal risk typically associated stocks, bonds,  or mutual funds.


Fixed Annuities

Have you heard of a fixed annuity before? If you seek a simple, guaranteed way to build your retirement assets without the principal risk typically associated with stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, you should go with a multi-year guaranteed annuity.


A single premium deferred annuity product will earn a fixed rate of interest, allowing your money to grow on a tax-deferred basis. We offer multiple guarantee periods to align with your specific needs, and guarantees the interest rate for that entire guaranteed period.


The entire amount you invest goes to work for you immediately, earning a guaranteed rate for the period you select, regardless of what happens to the stock market, or interest rates. As long as you hold your contract for the length of the guarantee period, your principal and the interest you earn are guaranteed by the issuer.


At the end of your initial guarantee period, you can withdraw your funds without incurring surrender charges, renew your contract into a new guarantee period, or even convert your annuity into a stream of retirement income payments, guaranteed for life.


Tax-Deferred Growth!


Tax deferral means that you do not pay any taxes on earnings or growth until you take withdrawals, allowing your money to grow faster than a taxable account earning a comparable return.


The Benefits of Tax Deferral


Paying taxes on investments each year will reduce the amount of funds available for growth and compounding. With tax-deferred compounding, earnings will accumulate on both your principal and interest until they are withdrawn from your account, resulting in greater accumulation over time.

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