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When you exhausted your initial insurance, additional liability protection kicks in to protect you.


Umbrella Insurance

What is an umbrella? An umbrella is additional liability protection that kicks in once your initial limits are exhausted.


You’ve worked hard to have a car, home, motorcycle, successful business, family and savings. But a lawsuit could take away what you worked so hard to achieve.


Don’t worry we got you covered! Umbrella insurance gives you an extra layer of financial protection by giving you additional liability coverage for the policies you have in place.


We’re an independent agency, which means you have options. We have access to several companies, making it easy for us to take care of all your insurance needs


What can umbrella insurance cover?


Slip and fall on your property

Injury of a friend driving your boat, car or motorcycle

Slander or libel suit.

We provide umbrella insurance quotes from reputable top rated companies, giving you more options which makes your decision easier to switch! We have several discounts you may be eligible for and each one results in more savings!


With us, you’ll get the coverage you want for the premium you can afford. An umbrella insurance quote from us takes less than 15 minutes and you could save hundreds on your insurance.  We’re large enough to handle all of your insurance needs but small enough to know you personally.


Don’t wait for a lawsuit to happen get the protection now. Umbrella insurance is available for personal and commercial needs.

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